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When Do You Need To Repair Your Retaining Wall?

When Do You Need To Repair Your Retaining Wall?

Although retaining walls are sometimes used to enhance a landscape’s aesthetic, their primary purpose is to reduce erosion and damage from rainwater runoff on sloped properties. This hardscape design is meant to hold the soil in places that are uneven and redirect water elsewhere. Although there are many types and materials for retaining walls, they all have the potential to fail or become structurally damaged over time. Neglecting to repair retaining walls can cause significant damage to your property and may also result in you not complying with building codes or regulations.
Reasons Why Retaining Walls Fail Or Suffer Damage
No matter how sturdy your retaining wall may be, it can still be susceptible to structural compromise. Many factors can cause retaining wall damage.
  • Poor construction or installation
  • Construction materials of insufficient quality
  • Stress factors in the vicinity of the wall
  • Drainage/erosion problems
How To Tell If Your Retaining Wall Needs Repair?
Although you might be able to see how retaining walls can become damaged, are there signs that your wall requires repair? These are signs you should call a professional landscaper qualified to repair retaining walls:
  • Walls tilted and bowed
  • Crumbling or creaking pavers
  • The wall is separated from the main construction
  • Multiple cracks or large splits
  • Signs of erosion such as soil shifting

Willow Creek Outdoor Management is your Evans GA retaining walls specialist. Our team can help you assess the condition of your retaining wall(s), and we can help you repair or replace a damaged retaining wall when necessary. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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